Our services are divided in following verticals :

a) We provide China like Eco system of Electronics components in India for Design houses. As India is growing very fast among major electronics manufacturing countries and we lack component Eco system here , consequently, our design cycle and prototyping cycle is becomes longer.
We as a company can source complete BOM for design and prototyping houses with in flat three weeks. This initiative is helping Indian hardware design companies to compete with global cycle time.

b) We supply packaging raw materials like thermal BOPP film, Ivory board paper, Duplex grey back boards , poly coated paper, Image transfer paper for textiles , ceramic and for various surfaces.

These papers are sourced from global and Indian manufactures.

We also supply waste paper and source from global sources.

c) Exporting of Agriculture implements like Cultivator , Harvesters etc , PPE bags , Jute bags , Truck Horses , Trolly and Trailer to Europe and African countries.

d)Solar Solution to high power tariff countries . We provide end to end and turnkey solutions. The normal ROI is between 3-5 year based on the requirements.


The Company’s vision is to lead by transforming Supplies. We are passionate and committed towards a better future through our innovative product solution and viable systems.


We aim to be the best by delivering innovative industry-focused products and solutions with measurable business outcomes. We will partner with customers for their success.


Going beyond the expectation of our valued Clients. Creating a successful milieu of innovation and latest technology and ensuring nothing but excellence.

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