Minimum 95% Pure Oxygen
100% Pure life

When to Use:

Air Pollution Workout Weight Loss Altitude Sickness Hangover Jetlag Smoking Low SpO2 Levels

Element 8 is designed for enhancement and recreational purpose only. This product is not meant for treating or curing any disease.
Element 8 is not a replacement for any existing medical device or prescription.
Element 8 is 100% natural and does not have any known side effects.
Consult a licensed medical practitioner before using on children below 10 years of age, pregnant women and patients with any existing medical conditions or history or serious illnesses.
The bottle contains minimum 95% pure oxygen. Although, only 95% of oxygen will be effective as a perfect vacuum is not feasible.

How to Use:
1. Place the mask over nose and / or the mouth
2. Press the trigger to activate the flow.
3. Breathe deeply through nose/ mouth